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Conditions Treated
Patients from all walks of life have recently come to find that regular visitors to the chiropractor’s office have proven to be beneficial. Apple Valley residents suffering from a wide variety of issues have found comfort in the offices of the Chiropractic Institute of High Desert.
Theraputic Excercise
This specific type of exercise is defined as a certain regime that is prescribed by a doctor to a patient in order to improve overall musculoskeletal function, correct an impairment or repair an injury or simply to keep a person in overall good health.
General Fatigue
With normal day to day activity your body can get fatigued. We can help you get back to normal and alleviate you of your pain.
Chiropractic Services
Many people who require chiropractic care in the Apple Valley area do not necessarily fully understand exactly what that term means. Patients who come to Chiropractor Dr. Parastou Ilbeigi at the Chiropractic Institute of High Desert, often ask about what exactly is involved in the sessions, and wonder what type of care they will be receiving.

Experience matters when it comes to alleviating pain

Dr. Parastou Ilbeigi, D.C. received her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1999. She has been in practice since then. Her studies include but are not limited to biology, microbiology, inorganic and organic sciences...

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  • My entire life I have spent dealing with the side effects that come with scoliosis. When your spine is curved, it is difficult to manage every day tasks. From lifting heavy objects to sitting at a desk for long hours at a time, I was constantly finding myself experiencing back pain. Orthopedic doctors could do nothing for me, and just when I felt all hope was lost I found out about the Chiropractic Institute of High Desert. As soon as I set foot into the office, I knew I had come to the right place. The warm and welcoming office staff made me feel right at home, and Dr. Parastou Ilbeigi, DC, immediately knew what would help me feel better. I now come in regularly for adjustments and alignments, and have never felt so alive. Without back pain, my entire world changed. I am able to do things I could never do before, and each day provides an opportunity to do something new and exciting. I feel like I've taken control of my life once again
    K.B., Patient
  • To put it simply, hockey is my life. It may not be my career, but it is my passion and it is what I love to do. So when I was injured during a regular practice and work out with my team, I thought my life was over. I feared that I would never be able to skate onto the ice again, and that I would lose out on the experience of being a part of a team. Not to mention even my everyday activities were being pushed to the wayside. But all of that changed when I booked a session with Dr. Parastou Ilbeigi, DC. She took the time to work with me and make the adjustments necessary so that I could slowly start returning to doing the things I loved. If it were not for Dr. Parastou Ilbeigi, DC, and the office staff at the Chiropractic Institute of High Desert, I do not know where I would be. I think of them every time I slap the puck across the ice, knowing full well if it were not for them I would not be able to play my favorite sport today.
    P.A., Patient
  • After I was injured in a severe car accident, I thought my life would never be the same. My back was constantly sore and even doing the simplest physical activities was difficult. However, the chiropractor here literally turned my life around. After just a few sessions, I began to notice immediate relief and slowly but surely I was able to return to my normal, every day activities. You never know how much you appreciate your hobbies and your lifestyle until it is taken away from you. I am so grateful to this practice and the wonderful staff for giving me the opportunity to get back to living my life again. I would recommend anyone coming to this clinic to improve their overall quality of life, but if you have been in a car accident and are suffering from injuries and still experiencing pain,  come check out this chiropractic office — you will not regret it.
    M.W., Patient
  • I never realized that I wasn't living my best life until I walked into the Chiropractic Institute of High Desert. After an appointment with Dr. Parastou Ilbeigi, DC, I quickly realized that a back alignment was exactly what I needed. I found immediate relief after the first session, but knew that with continued appointments my overall health and lifestyle would continue to improve dramatically. I have found that since first starting to work with Dr. Parastou Ilbeigi, DC, I have had more energy and have been able to sleep better at night. I never knew what I was missing out on — but now I tell all of my friends that they have to make an appointment with this chiropractor as soon as possible. We do so much damage to our spine and joints on a daily basis, and taking the measures necessary to take care of our bodies will come with a great reward. Quite simply, making time for myself by visiting the chiropractor's office saved my life.
    J.T., Patient